The Wells DVT Score & Possible DVT Scored Assessment template can be accessed by either using the DVT template that can be accessed by clicking on the Auto Consultation button and selecting Ardens CONDITIONS > C to D and clicking DVT.  You can also access this template by clicking the Auto Consultation button and selecting Ardens SCORES > H to Z > Wells DVT.

This template is designed as a scored assessment so when completing the questionnaire, the Wells DVT score will be calculated and coded at the bottom. To the right of the questionnaire are useful numerics for your convenience.

Please Note: At the top left of the template is a tick box for the DVT Pathway code, ticking this box will add the relevant Local Enhanced Services code to the patient record if applicable.

Once the questionnaire is completed, you have the opportunity to continue with the clinical pathway with the left hand side dedicated to results between 0-1 and the right 1+.

Each pathway will take you through 3 possible endings labelled by the applicable stages and also shortcuts to useful templates to help you complete bloods, ultrasounds and the DVT and PV formulary if required and code each stage by using the drop down boxes or tick boxes.