Last review date 03/02/2023

Sometimes one or more icons (patient status alerts) can be missing from below the patient's name and demographics. If this is the case, there may be 3 separate reasons for this which you need to check.

1. Check you are still part of the Ardens organisation group

If all of the Ardens icons have disappeared and you can no longer access any templates or reports on Ardens, you may been accidentally removed from the Ardens organisation group. If this is the case, please email

2. Check Patient Status Alerts are enabled

Go to Setup > Data output > Patient status alerts and check that the icon that you are looking for is still enabled/ticked.

3. Check patient is registered correctly

All of the Ardens reports and status alerts are set to trigger based on registration type.  Sometimes when registering a patient, no registration type is selected and the registration is left ‘incomplete’. There is a TPP built-in report you can use to find these patients by going to Reporting > Incomplete Registrations.

As soon as the registration is complete, the Ardens status alert icons will appear on their record.

Sometimes, no icons will appear on a test patient record. If this is the case, you just need to open the record and go to Patient > Patient Maintenance > Patient Care (IOS). You can then select a registration type.

Below GMS is 'Applied' with the acceptance type of 'Transfer In'. If you then save the record and re-retrieve, the icons should all appear for you.