Once you’ve requested Ardens to be enabled, we will email you further details and ask you to complete the setup below. It is also recommended that practices do some Housekeeping beforehand as well.

1. Join Ardens Groups

Go to tasks and look for unassigned task inviting you to join 'Ardens Ltd' group. Then right click task > action.

Then look for another task inviting you to join 'Ardens Ltd Referrals' group and right click task > action

2. Restart SystmOne

Shut down and then restart SystmOne. Anyone else using SystmOne at your practice should restart SystmOne too at this time.

3. Disable System Wide Patient Status Alerts

Go to setup > data output > patient status alerts and untick/disable all 'System Wide' alerts, apart from any that are labelled QOF - (condition) Invitations. You may also wish to disable some 'Organisation Specific' alerts, as they may now be duplicated too. (If you are a Community or a non-GP unit, you may wish to leave the System Wide 'GP Record Visible' alert active)

4. Disable Views

Go to setup > data output > view maintenance and untick/deactivate all the Ardens Ltd views. The views will still be visible on the templates but your quick glance view will look much tidier.

5. Setup QOF Alerts

Go to setup > data output > QOF alert actions. Click New Local Alert Action and link each QOF indicator to each Arden’s QOF templates (see 1min 39sec in video below)

Please Note: The alert description will no longer automatically populate, but you can copy the description from the original QOF alert action by clicking on it and pressing CTRL+C, then in your new alert right click in the description window and paste. (If you are a Community or non-GP unit, you can ignore this Step 5)

NB: It is useful for all staff to have access to 'Auto-Consultations', if staff cant see this link then follow these instructions.

You have now completed the set-up, please print out a Quick Start Guide for everyone’s desk and see our getting started training resources. Please contact us if you need any further Help.

Please Note: The QOF Alert Indicator set up section in the video below should to be used as a guide only, as the AF004 and AF005 indicators have since been retired.  It should look as below starting with AF006: