If you have started writing on a template & then wish to view the patient’s notes:

1. Open the template by clicking the icon under their name or using F12 Favourites.

2. To view the journal, just click ‘Ok’ on the template and look at what you need to .
3. To reopen the template, just click the icon again or use F12; everything will have been saved and you can carry on from where you left.

You can also click ‘Suspend’ and then ‘Resume’ (Ctrl +F4) instead, but it is often easier just to follow the above instructions instead.

N.B. Once you’ve done the above a couple of times, it becomes very quick and second nature. We do acknowledge though that it would be great if the template opened in a new window, which would allow you to flick between the notes a little easier and to open the template on a second screen too (like word letters). Sadly this isn’t possible but we have logged a development request on SystmOne. 

Please support this by going to System > Development Requests, and search for Reference Code d3410000