Last review date 03/02/2023

As it is not possible to 'minimise' a template once you have opened it, a couple of options exist instead to allow you to view the patient's record between using a template.

Option 1

Once you have accessed a template, if you have started recording information on the template & then wish to view the patient’s notes just click 'Ok' on the template. You can then view the rest of the patient's record as you wish. When you want to return to the template, just re-open the template. You will see that everything you have previously recorded will all still be there and you can just carry on from where you left off.

Option 2

You can also click ‘Suspend’ on the template and then ‘Resume’ (Ctrl +F4) instead, but it is sometimes easier just to follow Option 1 above.

Once you’ve done the above a couple of times, it becomes very quick and second nature and is effectively the same as minimising a template.