Last review date 16/12/2022

If you have saved the patient’s record and then spot that you have entered something incorrectly on a template there are some amendments that can be made

Adding Missed Notes 

If you realise that you have forgotten to add some notes after the journal has been saved, located the entry in the Journal and right click on the grey writing that heads up each entry in the Journal:

Select Amend Details > Amend Notes 

This will add a free text note into the journal entry

Changing Readcodes and Readcode Notes 

Click on the full filter icon  (‘Show Everything') in the Journal.

Locate the incorrect readcode whcih will now show in green - right click it 

Choose Amendments > Amend Notes or Read Code

Don’t forget to reset the filter to your preferred filter afterwards

Note: After saving the record, any amended entry will show an icon next to it in the journal to indicate an amendment was made after saving.  Hover over the icon to see who made the amendment and when.  Right click the icon > View Amendments to see what was changed (you must have Audit trail access rights to be able to see this)