The template can be located in several ways:

  • Via the main Review / Exacerbation or Follow-Up pages within the main Asthma or COPD Templates 
  • Use the search function bottom left of SystmOne
  • To save the template as a favourite, add to F12 favourites for quick access

Home Tab

The Home Tab will give you access to the different pages of the template (diagnosis, review etc), as well as a summary of relevant medical history for the patient. Please see our Home Tab Support Article for more information.

Review Tab

The Review Tab is split into different sections allowing you to work through a full inhaler technique review.

Access Technique - This allows you to add any relevant technique codes.

Steps to Use an Inhaler - This is a free text box allowing you to add the steps that patient takes to use the inhaler.  Clicking on the preset button to the right of the free text box (piece of paper with green + icon) will allow you to select from the preset list below.

Lifestyle - This section allows you to code the patients smoking status, triggers and housing conditions.

Medicine Optimisation - Useful Medicine advice tick box codes are available in this section along with a shortcut button to the Corticosteroid Monitoring template.

Spacer - Useful spacer codes.

Peak Flow - Useful Peak flow codes for technique.

Inhaler Videos Tab

The various inhaler hyperlinks are links to applicable inhaler technique videos for you to demonstrate inhaler technique if the patient is present.  Click the link to navigate to the video.

Alternatively the links can be copied and sent to a patient via SMS/Email by copying & pasting the link into Send Message toward the top right of the template.

  • Highlight the link using the mouse - right click & copy OR press & hold CTRL + on the keyboard
  • Click Send Message and paste the link in to the box - either right click & paste OR CTRL + V on the keyboard
  • Click Send
  • The message will be sent to the patient once the record is saved

The same process can be repeated for hyperlinks on the Spacer Video and Peak Flow Meter Videos tabs along the top of the template.


The work to do reports are available in clinical reporting to find patients that need to have an inhaler technique code recorded.

Reporting > Clinical Reporting > click on the Ardens Ltd folder:

Contracts | Local Contracts | Work to do>

Asthma: Work to do - Record Inhaler technique or 

COPD: Work to do - Record Inhaler technique checked or declined