The BP monitoring template can be found in Auto-Consultations - ardens NURSES and HCAS - BP Monitoring. 

Note: If you regularly use this template, it may be useful to add this to your F12 Favourites for quick access.

The template is split into 4 sections: Clinic BP, Home BP, Ambulatory BP and Equipment.

Clinic BP: This section can be used during a consultation with the patient, 3 different BP readings can be added to the template, along with options to record target values and Pulse rates and rhythms if required.

Home BP: This is useful for any recordings that have been received from the patient for any home BP readings.  The Average home BP numerical code can be used to record the average, along with a shortcut to a calculator.  To find more information on the NHS guidance to Home Blood Pressure Monitoring please click here.

The  HBPM Diary may be useful to print out for the patient to record their home readings.

Ambulatory BP: These readings can be recorded in this section along with the relevant read codes for recording this information.

Equipment: See Managing Loan Equipment article for recording BP machines loaned to patients owned by the surgery. 

Note: Any of the codes that have a Yellow Star next to them are required for Local Enhanced Services and will need to be ticked for payment purposes, these reports can be found be the Ardens folder in Clinical Reporting under Contracts - Local Contracts  For more information please click here

Average Home Blood Pressure Readings Questionnaire

Within the Communications Annexe it is now possible to send a patient the Average Home Blood Pressure Readings questionnaire allowing them to add the average BP readings onto the form and send back to the surgery via a task.  Please see the following Online Questionnaire Guide for more information.

For more information on Blood Monitoring @home please click here