The Diaries Template can be found under Auto-Consultation - ardens DIARIES and LEAFLETS - DIARIES.

Diaries can be found within appropriate templates and can be printed for the patient to complete.  An example of this would be the PEFR diary in the Asthma template, as below.  Clicking on the applicable Diary will open a template, and at the bottom of the Diary template click on Print and it will print with the patients name and NHS Number included on the print out.

However, Ardens also has a Diaries template, which allows you to either print a word document or an option to send an online version of the diary as either a text message or email.  You can also send the word document as an email in Communications and Letters if you wanted to.  Below explains all the different options you have.

Word Document

These can be opened as a normal Word document in SystmOne.  Select the relevant diary and click Write Now to open the document.  Once opened they can be edited if you wish.  Select File > Print to print the document.

Sending the Word Document as an Email

Dependent on the email platform used at your surgery, these can be emailed directly to the patient by clicking E-Mail at the top of the screen in Word (this function is not available if you use web based NHSMail2)

The document can be emailed from Communications & Letters in the patient record but must be saved as final version first.

Sending a URL

You can also send Diaries via either an email or text message by using the Send Message button at the bottom of the Diaries template.  To do this you have to first highlight the weblink in blue on the template and click Ctrl + C to copy.  Then click send message (Communication Annexe) and paste the weblink into the text box.  For more information on using this functionality please see our  Communication Annexe Support Article for more details.


Ardens Tip: If you use the Diaries Template regularly, add this to your F12 Favourites screen.  Please see our F12 Launcher Support Article for more detail.