Last review date 03/02/2023

The Hypertension Consultation template can be found by either going to Auto-Consultations > ardens CONDITIONS CARDIOVASCULAR > Hypertension or by clicking the BP icon under the patient's name.


This page gives you an overview of the condition, other relevant conditions, values, tests and medications as well as blood test alerts, please see our Home Tab Support Article for more information.


Use this tab to support a decision to diagnose.  You can record that there is suspected Hypertension and use the '?' template to see the criteria which would lead onto a potential diagnosis.  


Note:  Yellow stars link to income available under a local enhanced service, red stars relate to QOF.

Record review data including BP values, accessing a HBPM diary, target values and a QRISK.

Record your overall impression based on their BP values added previously - what you select here will offer different management options to tick i.e. Green - Good control will open up  the 'Routine' management option.

Management - give leaflets, give medication, give advice, record follow up and issue a care plan

Please note: To learn more about how to use Care Plans on Ardens, please refer to our Using Care Plans Support Article.

BP Monitoring at Home

Use this tab to loan a machine and to record data from home recordings


Record reason for considering a referral, or criteria met for a referral


Use this tab if managing Hypertension online - if you have published any Questionnaires to SystmOnline and the patient has completed them, they will be visible here once they have been received back into SystmOne. 


Use this section for free text patient note recordings. 


To learn more on how to use the Resources tab, please refer to our Using the Resources Tab Support Article.