Following a request from TPP, please do not setup any batch reports for Ardens Manager until notified. 

In order for the reports required for an Ardens Manager upload to run automatically overnight, you can set up a batch report.

We recommend doing this so that before any upload, you don't have to wait for all of the reports to finish running.

How to set up a  batch report

  • Go to ‘Reporting > Batch Reporting ‘ 
  • Click on ‘Create New Batch’
  • Give the new batch a name ‘Ardens Manager Report’ 
  • Click on Add… 
  • In this next window that opens find this folder ‘Ardens Ltd > z Subreports Do No Use’ and double click on the top batch report called 'Batch | All' (as indicated below) which will put it into the ‘Selected Reports’ box bottom right, then click ‘Ok’.

This is what it should end up like. 

  • Select next Saturday
  • Tick to ‘Then re-run every’ and select  ‘1’ and 'weeks' and click ‘OK’