There are numerous resources to assist the screening and management of Osteoporosis.


To identify patients at risk of osteoporosis and who should have a risk assessment, go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Conditions I MSK and Rheumatology > Performance Indicators > Screening : ?For osteoporosis risk assessment as in at risk group.

Risk Assessment

There is currently no national screening protocol for osteoporosis, and risk assessing for this condition can be confusing, especially as there are many sources of guidance which differ, making it difficult for the clinician to choose whom to carry out risk assessments or BMD measurement. The 'Osteoporosis Risk Assessment' template is based on both the latest NOGG guidance. It will help quickly guide you to when a a FRAX and NOGG assessment is required and when a DXA scan is indicated.

To perform a risk assessment, simply open this template by searching in the F12 launcher or bottom left of SystmOne, or by going to Auto-Consultations > Ardens SCORES H-Z.

Please note: It is sadly not possible to automatically plot a value directly on the graph, so you have to plot it yourself instead.

Osteoporosis Template

The 'Osteoporosis' template can be accessed either by clicking the bone icon under the patient's name or by going to Auto-consultations > Ardens Conditions M-R. On this template you will see a number of tabs for pages including diagnosis, review, referral and resources. 


The Homepage gives useful information about the patient's medical history, including relevant MSK history, recent imaging, current medication, vitals etc


The diagnosis page allows you to view or input the specific results and then record the specific diagnosis in the blue section - this will add them to the specific Osteoporosis register, and once saved will add an icon for Osteoporosis in that patient's demographic box in the top right of SystmOne. It will also prompt you to add Osteoporosis as a 'problem' in the patient record once you click OK on the template.


This page allows you to record an Osteoporosis review. Remember, any red stars on the template are QOF codes.

On the review tab, the 'bisphosphonate holiday' tick box options will become active if the patient is suitable for considering this for.


This page gives the relevant criteria to guide if a referral should be made for this patient.


The notes tab allows you to record any free text notes about the consultation as desired into the patient record.


The resources tab lists some useful links on further information about Osteoporosis. You can send the link via SMS or Email but highlight the relevant link, copying with Ctrl + C and then clicking on Send Message and pasting it into the box using Ctrl + V.

Clinical Reports

There are also some Osteoporosis 'Case Finder' and 'Performance Indicator' reports that can be found under Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Conditions I MSK and Rheumatology