The child missed appointments template can be located on the paediatric template, the childhood immunisations template and also on the Reception and Administration template under the button.

The purpose of this template is that any clinician whose appointment with a child is DNA'd by the child, can check here for information or take any of the available actions:

Missed Appointment View

At the bottom of the template any previous missed appointments here or at the hospital (as long as you record them) will show.

Late for appointment - can be ticked if they subsequently turn up 

Low Riskif one or two appointments have been missed and there are no concerns

Moderate Riskif there are more than two appointments missed and/or there are any concerns about the child or their family, or any mental health/ongoing medical issues 

High Riskknown issues about the child and their family, existing health problems, existing problems engaging with healthcare


If appropriate, there are actions to take depending on the level of risk (if any) identified:

Use the Safeguarding template to make an entry in the child's record

Look up other professionals such as Social Workers who may be working with the child and their family

Generate some correspondence Note: the default letter is a DNA letter but the 'choose template' option can be used to select a different document 

Book another appointment or carry out one of the other follow-up actions. For more information click here

Don't forget to ok the template and save the record when finished.

Note: If you need any help please click help & feedback at the top right hand corner of the template and click contact us if you wish to fill in the online form for help.