Last review date 02/12/2022

SystmOne allows practices to set up 'Action Group Descriptions' on medications so that you can display additional information and data linked to the medication.

You can add the following;

  • a clinical indication for an action group of drugs
  • a patient-friendly message to a script, explaining what the drug is for
  • link numeric values to an action group of drugs

To view or amend 'Action Group Descriptions' go to 'Setup > Prescribing > Action Group Descriptions'; 

  • find the group of drugs you want to configure 
  • or search by drug
  • amend it to add 
    • a clinical indication
    • a message for scripts
    • and any numeric values you may want to display under the medication.  

NB: The 'Copy Friendly /Copy Clinical' buttons are a quick way of copying and pasting from one window to another and so removing the need to re-type text. 

Then, when you go to the medications screen you should see something like the example below. And you can see in this example the numeric value displayed is always the last recorded value.  

Examples of Action Group Descriptions;