We always try and ensure that our Face-to-Face training sessions are specific for each role. The following is an outline of what we can cover during our sessions. For further information and to book a training session, please see here.

Reception & Admin
1 hour
Getting Started
Reception & Admin: Who see's what, Lab Results, Patient Registration
Accessible Information: Communication Needs
End of Life: Death Documentation
Secretaries: ReferralsMed3 & Letters
Nurses & HCAs
1 hour
Getting Started
Treatment Room: Phlebotomy, Urinalysis, Wound Management, PSDs / Vitamin B12
Immunisations: Childhood Immunisations, Travel Immunisations
Health Checks: NHS Health Checks
Long Term Conditions: Asthma, Diabetes
GPs & ANPs
1 hour
Getting Started
General Consultations: Triage & Paediatrics
Referrals: Referrals
Procedures: Minor Surgery, Injections, Implants
End of Life: Palliative Care, Death Documentation                     
Prescribing: Drug Optimisation, High Risk Drug Monitoring 
Other: Cancer Care
Practice Managers & Data Quality Team
1 hour
Getting Started
QOF & Enhanced Services: QOF Health Check, Contracts
Report: Reporting
Meetings: Meetings