Last review date 03/02/2023

To make referring an efficient process, all referral templates have been configured to import the latest consultation. The exception to this is where you have the option on the template to select either 'Last 1, Last 3 or Last 5 Consultations'.

If you select 'Last 1 Consultation' this will add the last consultation plus any entry from the same date that you create the letter. So if you are creating the letter any later than that day you did the consultation it will not merge the data. Please be aware, if another member of staff has recorded data in the patient record on the day your create the letter it will merge that data instead.  

So for this reason it is advisable wherever possible to create the letter the same day as you record your consultation. 

If that is not possible or the practice has a referral process to send tasks etc. to secretaries / admin staff for the referral to be processed later then it may be better to use 'Last 3 Consultations' or even 'Last 5 Consultations'. There is no date specified on these merge fields they will literally merge the last 3 or 5 consultations in the patient record.  

Before you save it as a final version you can remove any consultation data that you feel is inappropriate by selecting and deleting. 

If there is additional data that you want to merge that hasn't been set to merge you can do this before saving the letter by using the various options on the SystmOne Mail Merge ribbon (toolbar). These are the main buttons below. 


These can be quite complex though. As examples these are the options for 'Clinical' and 'Medication' data that can be imported.