Last review date 03/02/2023

In some circumstances, it is not possible to translate information recorded on a clinical system into a format that can be understood by SystmOne. This is because some types of information are recorded in different ways on different clinical systems, for example, it is not always possible to convert an allergy recorded on another clinical system to an allergy on SystmOne. When you accept the record in to SystmOne this kind of data is changed from being a coded entry to free text and is known as degraded data.

  • you will receive a 'GP2GP Degraded Entries' task, and
  • degraded data items are flagged in the record with the Read code 'Transfer- degraded record entry [XaLGM]' or a child of this code, and
  • the 'GP2GP Degraded Entries' node in the Clinical tree will contain details of any items that have been degraded to text

In order to deal with the degraded data you will need all 3 of these degraded Data nodes in your clinical tree.

If you can’t see these you may need to speak to your local administrator who will be able to amend it by searching for GP2GP nodes.

If you click on GP2GP Degraded entries in the clinical tree you should a split screen. Right clicking on an item in the top screen you should be offered an option to replace the degraded item. In some circumstances, a suitable alternative to a degraded item (for example, a Read code) will not be available on SystmOne. In this situation, use SystmOne to re‑record the data as accurately as possible but leave the degraded item in the record for audit purposes. Prescribing functionality will not be affected, unless the degraded item is an allergy or sensitivity.

Note:  If data relating to allergies or sensitivities has been degraded to text, the system will prevent you from prescribing until suitable coded entries have been added to the patient record and the degraded entries have been marked in error. Any active repeats are ended when data is transferred, so will need represcribing. If you have re-recorded a degraded allergy or sensitivity in the correct SystmOne format, you will need to 'mark in error' the degraded allergy or sensitivity; otherwise, SystmOne will continue to prevent you from prescribing. When marking degraded items in error, select Other on the Reason for Marking in Error dialog and type in some explanatory notes. 

Ended repeats can be viewed on the exisiting repeat templates node by selecting the Deduction-ended repeats filter.

To reauthorise a repeat template, right click on the repeat and select Reauthorise/Restart.