Do you have SystmOne open when you have your MDT meetings? If not, please consider this as Ardens can assist you in these meetings. The Case Management resources on Ardens are also a useful way to manage in one place all your patients that need to be discussed at meetings who are on admission avoidance, severe frailty, safeguarding, virtual ward and/or end of life registers.

1. Referring Patients for Case Management

Open the Case Management template by going to Auto consultations > Ardens General. You may also wish to add this template to your F12 Favourites. In the top drop down box on the template, select ‘Referral for multidisciplinary case management’ to refer the patient.

2. Creating a Case Management Register

Go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Team | Meetings > Case Management. Here you will find a report called ‘Referral in last 1 month’. Run this report and then right click to show patients that have been referred to Case Management in the last 1 month. If the patient is deemed appropriate for Case Management meetings, you can add them to the register by selecting ‘Case management started’ in the drop down box near the top of the Case Management template.

There are also other reports here called ‘Consider adding to register as….’ These can be run and then the patient added to the register if required.

3. Reviewing Patients at Case Management Meetings

Go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Team | Meetings > Case Management. Here you will find reports including registers of all your Case Management patients but also divided depending upon if they are on an admission avoidance, end of Life, safeguarding, severe frailty or virtual ward register. 

Once you have run these reports, then view the patients and open the Case Management template (Auto consultations > Ardens General, or add to your F12 Favourites) and record any discussions during the meeting. There are lots of useful links to other templates too.

There is also a drop down box to record ‘Review Frequency’. This is useful as it enables you to later run the report ‘Review Overdue: All Case Management’ and see just the patients with reviews which are overdue, regardless if their frequency is every 2 weeks, every month or every year.

4. Removing a Patient from the Case Management Register

To do this, simply select 'Case management ended' from the drop down box at the top of the template.

You can also use Ardens to do meetings specific to safeguarding, end of life, admission avoidance or virtual wards. For further information on this, please see the video below.