Results from an audit at a Portsmouth Practice indicated that those that who use Ardens were prescribing the correct antibiotic 100% of the time.  This was comparted to approx 45% for those not using Ardens.

All common infections templates can be used for quick data entry and prescribing too. Find the templates under auto consultations > Ardens CONDITIONS INFECTIONS, or add commonly used ones to your toolbar or your F12 for quick access. Some examples of the templates are below: 

**Note** Some templates will have a separate page for paediatric presentations, and the resources linked may be slightly different. 

Assessment, Symptoms & Examination 

The Assessment or Key Symptoms sections will allow you to record any notes of discussion with the patient and use the tick boxes to code key symptoms such as raised temperature. Red flag findings or complications/risks are shown with the red flag icon - please click on the green plus option to the right of the notes box to find relevant text. 

Vitals can be recorded in the grey box to the right corner of the template and most infection templates will have links to relevant scoring tools such as Sepsis Risk or FeverPain.

Further Tests

If a urine sample is required (or one has already been done), there are links to the Urinalysis templates or dipstick recording. 

If a swab is required, click into the Swab button, record the type of swab, that the sample has been sent to the lab and access your pathology system to request.

Impression and Management

Each infection template will have an impression section highlighted in blue in the middle of the screen. This allows you to record the severity of infection usually looking at risk from unlikely (green) through to severe (red). Based on the box you tick, the appropriate management steps will become active, and prompt you to document the next steps for the patient. Next steps usually include links to patient leaflets, any onward referral or investigation required, and a link to the Formulary page that will outline appropriate antibiotic prescribing as shown below.