The Sharing Records template can be accessed by clicking the blue hand icon under the patient’s name. At the top is a consent form for data sharing that you can give to your patients to sign. The template then includes options to record sharing with:

TPP: Sharing with other services who use SystmOne

SCR: Sharing with other services who use other systems (Hospitals, OOH). 

           Adding the SCR read code will update the SCR node on SystmOne too.

3rd Party: If the patient has consented to share their record with their spouse or NOK

Other: This can be used if relevant to the patient or your surgery

Changes to TPP SystmOne Sharing in / Out - eDSM

TPP is changing the way it shares records with the eDSM to provide greater control for Data Controllers and patients. Existing shares will not be affected by the changes. And implied sharing will no longer be recommended after the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) April 2018. 

Data Controllers will be able to put organisations in to two lists - 'Allowed' and 'Prohibited'. All other organisations not listed will need to be verified. Patients will still be asked for consent before accessing the record.


An organisation on the allowed list can create a share in. 


An organisation on this list cannot create a share in.


All other organisations not listed above. The share in at these organisations will only be created once verification has been received. 

Patients will have greater control over shares setup on their record via SystmOnline and will be able to receive alerts via email / SMS when a share is setup. Patients will not be able to add organisations to the 'Allowed' / 'Prohibited' lists. Because of this additional functionality it is even more important to capture mobile numbers, email addresses and registrations for SystmOnline. More information about SystmOnline registration can be found here 

Practices will be able to set organisation settings for 'No Organisations Require Verification', 'All Organisations Require Verification' or a 'Custom' setting. Verification can be achieved either by the patient via SMS / email / SystmOnline or can be done by the practice. At the moment verifications do not have an automatic end date. 

In urgent care when the patient is incapacitated, so is unable to verify their consent, the staff will be unable to access the shared record. The organisation will have to contact the patients practice to be gain verification. The Consent Override function will be disabled with this new eDSM model. 

Child records sometimes have the parents mobile number recorded. If the parent is not present verification can be achieved via a phone call between the absent parent or registered practice and the organisation.  

TPP has released an information pack for practices.