Last review date 03/02/2023

Are you up to date with your PSDs for CQC? 

Doctors, Nurses & HCAs can easily authorise & administer a PSD electronically.

Please Note: You could save the Drug Injection template as one of your F12 Shortcuts.  Please see the Support Article for more details.

Step 1 – Doctor Authorisation

The GP can open the appropriate template by going to auto consultations > ardens Imms + Injections > Drug Injections. From this screen they can choose the appropriate Injection they wish to give an Electric PSD for.

The GP can do the script and then add the PSD in the big box in the middle by selecting the pre-sets.

Step 2 – HCA/Nurse Administration

When the HCA/Nurse then opens the patients record and opens the Drug Injection template, if they click in the relevant injection,  the same big box they should see the PSD that was recorded by the GP appear on the right hand side of the template.  They can then give the injection and also record that it has been given under a PSD.

Watch the PSD example of a Vitamin B12 injection below.

For adding PSDs for your flu clinic, please see Flu Clinic Updates