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For a summary of the tests that are requested, please see here.

To access the Long Term Condition Review template, click on the Patient Status Marker under the patients demographics box, click on the Initial Review & Tests tab to complete an Initial Assessment.

The tab will guide you through the initial review and tests. On the right hand side of the template are links to other templates, for example the Wellbeing Review and the Cardiovascular Initial Review template. In the example screenshot below you will see that the Diabetes Initial Review and COPD Initial Review template are inactive as this patient does not have Diabetes or COPD.

Tests - Blood Tests Required

This will list the exact bloods needed to be done on the patient, in relation to what conditions this patient has. If these bloods have been done in the last 2 months, then you will see a green tick and a message saying so.

NB: This template is designed to be used during the patients annual review, therefore the 'Tests - Blood Tests Required' section is looking to see if these bloods have been done in the last 2 months, as to be clinically relevant for the annual review they would need to have been done in that time frame. 

Work To Do

There is also a Work To Do list which updates in real time when the work is done. Below is an example of initially 11 items being in the 'Work To Do' list and the second screenshot shows that these items have been completed, with just the flu vaccination being outstanding work to do.

Tip: Patients can also be sent online questionnaires to complete such as an Asthma Review questionnaire. This may prevent the need for a patient to attend an initial review.

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