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LTC Review - FAQ

Booking The Appointment

Click this icon under the patients name for the ‘Long Term Condition Review’ template, then click the ‘Booking’ tab.

Booking Via Reception

The receptionist or admin team can book appointments by either using Free Slot Presets, which can be created at an organisational level (please see our set up guide on how to create these) or the pre-set 'free slot search' button.  There is also a short cut button to the Appointment Ledger screen.  

If the patient requires any tests for their LTC review such as Blood Tests, this can be seen under the Test Required section on the template.  The template will also inform the Receptionist or Admin team what conditions the patients has for either QOF or Best Practice.  This can be used as an aid so the appropriate appointments can be booked for the patient if required.

If a patient declines an invitation for an annual review, tick the ‘Declined invitation + review’ box. This will stop the patient being sent further invitations. Reports in the activity section are available to find which patients have had this code added in the last month.

If it is not appropriate for the patient to have a review but they have not specifically declined, you can tick the 'Defaulted from follow up' box which will also exclude the patient for further invitations this year.

If any contact details need to be amended, click on the Patient Contact Details button.

Booking Online

Patients can book appointments online using the pre-set ‘slot types’ and following instructions on the 1st invitation.

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