Last review date 22/04/2024

The Death Documentation template allows you to produce a cremation form electronically and send via email, as well as recording details of death, adding verification, adding Medical Examiner notes, Coroner referral and After Death Analysis.

It can be found within Auto-consultation > ardens CONDITIONS FRAILTY and EOL > Death Documentation, or Auto-consultation > ardens GENERAL > Death Documentation.

There is also a link from the Reception & Administration template.

It can also be added to F12 favourites for quick access.

The video below gives an overview of how the template can be used throughout the process of documenting a patient's death.

The template is split into several tabs across the top, to make it easier to navigate to the area you wish to complete:


This first section gives a summary of key information for the patient.


The Verification tab allows you to record specific codes to clearly document the verification of the death of the patient. This is divided into 3 sections - Pre-Authorisation, Verification and Verified by.

The Pre-Authorisation section is where you can code if the patient is close to death and also record that a Verification of expected death agreement is documented. There is a link to launch this Agreement in Word to the right of this code, which you can save to the patient record, print out and sign. You can also record a DNACPR Status here if the patient doesn't already have one, and to the right of this is a link through to the Future Care Planning template where you can record more information on this if required.

The Verification section has the required criteria to verify death and add to the patients record. Also includes BMA guidance.

Details of Death

A member of the reception or administration teams can use the Details tab to record the details for the patient's death. This page is a quick way of capturing all necessary information and a useful prompt for the questions to ask where appropriate.

The Information link next to Device & Implant Status will direct you through to the Devices & Implants tab where you can view if the patient has any of the listed devices in the box below. To go back to the Details tab, click the Details tab at the top of the template.

There is a New Task button available for ease and a link to the Home Visits screen if needed.

The Follow-Up link will show if the patient has any outstanding Appointments or Visits booked, Tasks, Recalls etc. These can be cancelled or removed by right-clicking and selecting the appropriate option.

Just below are Word documents which can be printed for relatives of the deceased listing useful contact telephone numbers to register the death, arrange a funeral and bereavement support services.

Medical Examiner Referral

For more information on the new Medical Examiner Referral process, please click on the following Medical Examiner Referral Support Article.

Coroner Referral

This screen allows you to select the appropriate reason for a Coroner Referral. 

Contact Details should list the coroner's contact telephone number (if using Ardens Pro) under the 'Community' tab. 

Click on Coroner Referral to create the referral document.

The Coroner referral as death possibly due to option is a free text field. However, clicking on the notepad icon to the right of the free text box will allow you to quickly add a bunch of presets into the free text area.


Select the appropriate action taken, there is a hyperlink the the RCPath guidance on when you can issue the MCCD.


The Certification tab is divided into 3 sections - Criteria, MCCD and Crem Form.

The Criteria section allows you to follow the Royal College of Pathologists pathway on when the attending physician is not available. Answer the relevant questions and the guidance will update below on who can complete the MCCD and/or the Crem Form. Again there is a hyperlink available to the RCPath guidance.

The MCCD section provides Death Certificate coding and sections to add the cause of death if not added previously.  Any information added will auto-populate the Crem Form.

Creating the Cremation form

The GP writing the cremation form can view the details that have been recorded at the previous stage by viewing the Tabbed or New Journal. 

The GP can then open the 'Death Documentation' template from auto consultations > ardens GENERAL or from F12 favourites and complete the

Completing the Crem Form - Form 4 only (Part 1) 

To ensure any new information added to the template is merged through into the document, you will need to click OK on the template and reopen it. This will ensure any information you have just added will pull through into the Crem Form.

To make it easier to reopen the template, add the Death Documentation template to F12 favourites

Find out how to add a digital signature in word.

Notification of Death

This page allows you to record which teams or organisations you have notified of the patients death by ticking the relevant box. There is also a button to send to staff a New Notification or a New Notification of Death task depending on local policies.

There is also the option to produce a Notification of Death Letter which will merge into word for you to send to the relevant organisations you have selected. Any existing letters you might have produced will sit in the box below this, which you can right-click on and view, or even send via NHS Mail.

After Death Analysis

This page allows you to record the details around recording After Death Analysis of the patient. 

In the Details section, you can record specific details to do with the death of the patient using the drop-down boxes.

The Counselling section will allow you to record who has been contacted with information on counselling, and even allow you to produce a Bereavement Letter which will open in Word with some useful contact details you can give to the family or friends of the patient. The SUDEP Bereavement Letter will open up a similar letter but for epilepsy-related deaths.

The Analysis section will allow you to create an 'ADA' form, either with merge fields or blank, which you can then fill out within Word. There is a link to the LeDeR Notification Form on an external website and at the bottom of the template there is a blank box to write any other free text notes you may feel is appropriate.

Devices & Implants

This page can be linked to by pressing the 'Information' button on the 'Details' page of the template. The template will list the sorts of battery-powered or other implants that could cause a problem at cremation, and in the box at the bottom, if there are any such devices that have been coded in the notes of the patient, they will appear here.

If the box is empty, it is likely that none of these devices have been recorded, but this is not a complete list so it is worth double-checking the patients full medical record.


A list of useful links. These can be sent via SMS or Email by highlighting the link, Copying with Ctrl+C, clicking on 'Send Message' and then pasting with 'Ctrl+V' into the relevant box.