Last review date 03/02/2023

Use the 'Future Care Plan' template to record key information. This will then alert other staff of this key information when opening the patients' record in the future.

If a patient has a key message, treatment escalation plan, advanced directive or resuscitation status, they will  automatically have a 'white triangle !' icon under their name. Click this icon to open the 'Future Care Plan' template.

You can also access the template by clicking the link to the 'Future Care Plan' at the bottom of most consultation templates or going to Auto-Consultations > Ardens General. You can also add it to your F12 for quick access too.

At the top of the 'Future Care Plan' template are links to record key messages or care plans, along with links to print out a care plan too. At the bottom of the template is a view showing existing care plans and key information for the patient.

Alerts will also show here if anything is outstanding, for example:

!! Consider recording preferred place of care & death as EoL or Severe Frailty

!! Consider gaining consent for SCR-AI & SystmOne EDSM as EoL or Severe Frailty

!! Consider Anticipatory Medicines & DS1500 as GSF Yellow/Amber/Red

You can also email a care plan to an OOH provider too. Just click on the care plan at the top of the template to open the word document and then complete and save as normal. This care plan appears in the view at the bottom of the template and you can then right click > Send Via NHSmail. (You will just need to add an address book entry for your OOH provider with an email address initially).

Please Note: You can print off merged DNACPR Resus forms from Ardens but these usually have to be done in colour. Please therefore always check this with your CCG/ambulance/OOH service beforehand. If it is accepted as a printed version but has to be done in colour, if you don’t have your own colour printer, you could print it on a network colour printer or have some red/purple bordered paper to hand to put into the printer