Last review date 03/02/2023

For Paediatric Consultations, click the Doctors bag iconunder the patients name. If the patient is under 16, a specific paediatric consultation template will open. 

It will look similar to the adult one, but will contain relevant paediatric resources.  You will also see a specific genitourinary tab depending on if they are a female or male.

The following guide will highlight the paediatric specific areas for your information:

Seen with - This allows you to record the person that has brought the child in e.g Mum.  Over time, you will see the history of who has been bringing the child in (down the right hand yellow panel of the template).  You can also record and view this information when giving childhood vaccinations.  

3rd Party - If required 3rd Party information could be added by clicking into the template.

Missed Appointment - This button opens with a new screen to record if you feel there is a level of risk associated with the child having missed their appointment today (you will see the history of previous missed appointments here)

Child Examination - This button will open up the NICE Sepsis Risk (this is age appropriate to the patient you are working on), NEWS, NEWS2 and SIRS & Sepsis

Child Growth Chart - You can see from this chart if the child is in the appropriate development centiles Note: you cannot add height or weight this way, you can use the weight and lifestyle button first if you wish to update this information 

Imms Use the drop-down menu to add a read code, or give them a due vaccination today using the Childhood Imms button 

Paediatric Formulary - You can use this button to select various paediatric medications i.e. analgesia, colic, croup etc.  You will find that there is weight and age guidance where appropriate depending on which medication you are looking to prescribe 

School Exclusion Advice - Click this link to view the Patient Information, School Exclusion Advice 

Safeguarding - Use the drop-down menu to read code no risk, or risk identified.  The safeguarding risk assessment can be used to record this but in more detail.  The safeguarding button allows detail around abuse, injury etc to be recorded as well as family issues.  

There are other tabs available (at the top) such as respiratory, genitourinary, psychosocial etc.  You will find more specific leaflets, read coding, tools and medication this way.

Don't forget to ok the template and save the record when finished.

Note: If you need any help please click help & feedback at the top right hand corner of the template and click contact us if you wish to fill in the online form for help.

Please have a look at this short video too;