You can quickly & easily access your favourite templates by adding them to your F12 Launcher. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Press F12 

2. In the top right, just have the ‘Show Templates’ box ticked 

3. Search for your favourite template by typing the name in the box e.g. ‘Vitals’ 

4. Click & drag it across to the left ‘ V ‘, or whichever letter it starts with 

5. Once you've added all your favourites, click close

6. Next time you want to open your favourite template, just press ‘F12’ & then ‘ V ‘

N.B. Remember to log out of SystmOne correctly to save these changes (don’t just pull out your smartcard).


Common Things People Add to F12 Launcher / Favourites:

  • General: Avoiding Admissions, Death Documentation, End of Life & Palliative Care, Resus Status, Safeguarding, 6-8 Week Baby Check
  • Procedures: Injections + Aspirations, Minor Surgery, Acupuncture, Cryotherapy, Dermoscopy
  • Women’s Health: Cervical Smear, Contraception, Menopause, Implant, LNG-IUS, IUD, Vaginal Pessary, 6-8 Week Postnatal Check
  • Nurses+HCAs: ABPI, BP Monitoring, Ear Irrigation, ECG, NHS Health Check, Travel Consultation, Urinalysis, Wound Management, Vitals and Lifestyle, Vitamin B12